Professor of Parasitology and invertebrates, Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt (M.Sc.Parasitology,1972,Ph.D.Parasitology,1980, Assistant professor degree, 1985, Professor degree, 1991).

His position now is a member of upgrading members of faculties of sciences in Egypt. He attend more than 35 conferences all over the world, the last one was in Berline, Germany.

He was published up till now more than 120 publication in impacted journals and he is interested for studying electron microscopic branch of science for myxosporidian, microsporidian, coccidian parasites.

Two patents were recorded by him the first one entitled Compostion comprises flavovoid containing extract from plants of the genus Citrus and the second was Pharmaceutical or veterinary medical preparation obtained from onion Allium cepa and coconut Cocos nucifera useful for controlling flatworms, both were recorded in AlphaBiocare